Since creating the Xbox One, Microsoft has been looking at new ways for gamers to use the console, and now it's expanding the options.

There are a lot of options for players to delve into on their Xbox One consoles and Microsoft is looking to continue to expand those options, it reported on Xbox Wire. The Xbox One features apps such as Twitch broadcasting (which was recently updated), MLG and ESL gaming, MLB.TV, WWE, Team Steam and many more for its fans to enjoy.

Microsoft will continue to offer its Xbox Fitness program past December for those looking to tone up. Now, it's looking to introduce Pandora, Vevo, Bravo Now, Telemundo Now and Popcornflix.

Pandora will have your ears entertained for hours with it's personalized radio stations. Vevo will offer you even more music, but this time it'll be music that you can watch. Bravo Now will have you hooked on your favorite shows while Telemundo will do the same, but with behind the scenes action. Finally, Popornflix will allow you to stream all your favorite movies instantly.

All of these features will be available in 2015 for the United States and Microsoft will only continue to expand.

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