January has barely begun and are you sick and tired of the cold weather already? Well, some good news starting this weekend there will be a slow warming trend and by next week temperatures should be in the 60s. That's welcome relief from the deep freeze the Texarkana area has experienced for almost two weeks. Don't get too used to it because you know in this part of country, if you don't like the weather now, just wait it will change.

Of course, the weather in Texarkana was still not as cold as it was in Kansas City last week while I was there visiting the grandchildren. It has been so cold there the Kansas River was completely froze over and if you went outside it would actually hurt your lungs to breathe in. Temperatures fell to 4 below zero with a wind chill factor of minus 17, with the high only 8 degrees while I was there. Unfortunely, I didn't get a picture of the frozen river, but I found this YouTube video that Tomas Gonzalez filmed about a year ago, it will give you a good idea of what I witnessed. Probably, the only thing missing was Olaf.

I was reading where the Kansas area has broken records for the coldest weather for consecutive days in a row dating back to the 1800s. So when I got back to Texarkana and the temps were in the 30s it didn't feel as cold. Heck, I even turned my heater off at one point but you couldn't do it there.

Here's a pic making my way through Missouri.

Photo, Mario Garcia

I on way back into Northwest Arkansas I ran into snow and ice a couple of times near Fayetteville, Arkansas in the Ozark mountains and then again near Mena. I captured this picture of some snow on top of the mountains.

Photo, Mario Garcia

So if we do get a little warm up next week enjoy, because you know it won't last long.