Well, hoping this doesn't catch on here in the States anytime soon! Overseas 7-11 now has  vending machines that serve up mashed potatoes and gravy.

According to the Tecca website:
The Maggi mashed potato vending machines are apparently a regular fixture in many 7-Elevens overseas — particularly in Singapore — but are sparse here in the United States.

Below is a video of the vending machine in action.  Kinda looks like a cup of gobbley goop. I'm not thinking "Yum" when I see this, so I'm hoping this machine stays "sparse" here in the U. S.

This of course maybe the way most fast food places make our mashed potatoes, but I'm still a stickler for real mash potatoes!

via 7-Eleven's ridiculous mashed potato dispenser could take the U.S. by storm | Tecca.