So, the past week or so our temperature gauge has been really messed up! It keeps reading about 11 to 15 degrees warmer than it really is, then we found out why!

We had all be joking about maybe a bird's nest or a squirrel is on the thermostat outside. Our engineer Jasen went to check and he found a birds nest alright, and it's occupied! Jasen said there are about 6 baby birds in there. He bravely went back to see if he could take a picture but then decided maybe just a pic from afar as not to scare the little ones.

Aw!! We have baby birds!!! Yes, our temperature gauge is still messed up, but we'll just have to wait a couple more weeks. No sense in disturbing these babies!


Jasen Bragg

If you find a baby bird out of it's nest here are some things you need to know!