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Christus St. Michael to Offer Free Community Health Fair March 21
CHRISTUS St. Michael Health and Fitness Center - Atlanta will offer the people of Atlanta and surrounding areas an incredible local learning resource during its annual Free Community Health Fair scheduled for Wednesday, March 21. The event will include free health screenings and education on a numbe…
Shipley Donuts Returns To Texarkana – Oh My
I noticed this a few week ago but didn't want to get my hopes up until I saw them clearing the ground, a new Shipley Donut franchise is under construction on Arkansas Blvd. I grew up in Houston, where Shipley began, I am excited!
Brisket Is Good For You – I Knew It!
Slow smoked BBQ Brisket and I have had this really long love affair for many years, well, all my life I guess you could say, so for this news to come around is sweet BBQ sauce to my ears. Yes, friends, brisket is actually good for you.

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