A comment to one of our articles recently, complained that Texarkana needs more things for teens to do. The poster complained that so much effort was put into the push for the dog park, yet nobody is doing anything to provide teens more stuff to do.


Let's first look at things we have for teens to do in this town. We have a skating rink (where the owner was beaten half to death by a group of teens), the mall (where teens can no longer hang out after five due to the trouble they caused) and a movie theater. They use to have concerts the teens went to downtown at Pocket Park, but I believe those have been stopped now (not sure why).

Ok, what else could be done or built to give teens something to do in this town?

And more importantly, to me at least, why is it our responsibility to provide teens with something to do? Can't they come up with something to do on their own? Is it our job to provide entertainment for them in exchange for them behaving themselves?

Maybe with all of the new restaurants coming to town, more of them will find employment and that will give them something to do.

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