The 2013 Frog Giggin' Tournament Series by Riverbank Products is coming this Friday night during the Whistlestop Festival in Ashdown, Arkansas.The Frog Giggin' Tournament Series is somewhat similar to a bass tournament but is focused on frogs instead of fish. However, unlike a bass tournament, this is a team event. A team consists of three or more people and encourage kid participation in a fun safe environment.

If your wondering how the name Frog Giggin' came about, basically it’s name originated from using a forked “gig” to spear the frogs, it isn’t necessary to use a gig though. Many people prefer to grab the frogs by hand. However, if you choose to use a gig, it can come in handy when trying to get to frogs that are just out of reach. If zombie bullfrogs attack, you’ll want an EX-86 Tournament Series Frog Gig. A typical Frog Giggin team consists of three people, a light man, a motor man, and someone to put the frogs in a sack.

There is also a new addition to this year’s tournament series. During Saturday’s Weigh-In, live frogs caught during the tournament will be entered into the Frog Race. Much like herding cats, teams encourage their frog to run the race course. The first frog to cross the finish line wins. It’s sure to make for great entertainment.

For registrations forms and more information go to or call 479-435-8774.