Kindergarten or  "children's garden" was coined by German Friedrich Froebel in 1840.The United States Congress in 2005 enacted National Kindergarten Recognition Day as  April 21st of each year. It has special meaning for me this year, as my 5 year old daughter is about to finish her 1st year of school and will be graduating from Kindergarten in late May.

I went through this with my 10 year old boy about four years ago and I remember it to be a very emotional event. It was emotional  because I pictured his High School graduation, and realized  that  day would come all too soon. Since Melissa is our last child, I imagine it will bring a lot of the same thoughts and feelings.

Kindergarten is a magical time for these young students. There is the fun activities they get to do and the friendships they make that may last a lifetime. Also,  it is a year of amazing results and accomplishments as they learn to read , write, spell and count right before your very eyes.

It is definitely a transition from toddlers and little children to growing school kids. Kindergarten teachers are some of the most important of all educators. They give our children their head start to a successful education and life.

These are special people who care for and love our special people. Maybe send them a card, e-mail, or text message this week , and let them know how much you appreciate what they do for our precious little children.

Finally, a special thanks to Mrs. Landreth and Mrs. Nicholas, our kindergarten teachers at Pleasant Grove who did so much for our two children.