Are you a collector of odd and unique things? Do you display them at your home or office? My unique items come from various recording artists or promotional items that were sent to me from a record company to help promote an artist.

Some items are just things I love like motorcycles, but I guess the one prize possession that I have is an autographed Nascar cap from #22 Kenny Wallace. I really love my autographed CD from Miranda Lambert and a baseball autographed from the band Diamond Rio. Then of course, I have my Elvis stuff which I try to keep Mitzi our sales manager away from since she is a huge Elvis fan herself. You ought to see her office nothing but the King baby. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you very much! And just for the record (no pun intended) the Harley lamp you see is my escape from my job because all I have to do is flip a switch and the motorcycle revs up and the headlights come on.

Do you have any unusual items that you collect or have displayed in your office?