The aftermath of the Tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma is weighing heavy on the minds of Americans today. What more could have been done to prevent lives from being lost in such a violent storm. When such conditions occur, you do the best you can do under the circumstances, you pray a lot and hope for the best out of the worst. Today, I feel a since of sorrow and sadness when I watch the video footage of families hugging their children and their loved ones. To see a town decimated as if a nuclear bomb went off is gut wrenching in it self. I think of what those kids experienced and what they will tell their kids and grandchildren one day. So this morning as I write this blog I thought I would put together a collection of videos that I hope you will take the time to view and share with friends. These videos are about Tornado safety and many of you may already know what to do and some of you may need a refresher course. It never hurts to learn more of what to do to help protect you and your family under such dire conditions. I don't know about you but when it comes to family that's all we have in this world. Love them and cherish them because they could be gone in the blink of an eye.

Check out these YouTube videos on Tornado safety.

Check out ourtips on safety too. To help victims of the Oklahoma tornado go here.