It's time to play, 'Whose Tweet is This?'  We'll give you the Tweet, you tell us who wrote it on their Twitter page.

"Hey Charlie Sheen.  I just played the Grand Ole Opry.  Now who's winning, boy?!!"

And the Tweet belongs to... BLAKE SHELTON.  He posted it on Friday, after finishing his performance at the Opry.

Speaking of Blake Shelton... he's been chosen as the fourth musician-slash-coach on NBC's "The Voice".  (Check out Mario's Blog-post!!!) The other three are CHRISTINAAGUILERA, CEE LO GREEN and ADAM LEVINE from MAROON 5.

The news came out yesterday, and as you'd expect, Blake had a smarmy quip ready to go.  He said, quote, "I'm not sure 'The Voice' knows what they signed on for by bringing me on the show.

"I know this for sure; Christina, Cee Lo, Adam and I are going to have a blast and I am extremely excited to be part of a show that recognizes true vocal talent."

(Am I the only one starting to get bored with Blake Shelton always warning us that he's dangerous... and who knows WHAT will come tripping out of his mouth next?)

(When you have to keep telling people how dangerous you are?  You're not.)

(A lot of folks may have some kudo for getting the show... but I want to say congratulations on being with Ms. Miranda... that's the best thing you got going...brotha!)