Texas landed several cities on the list, but two in particular received top 10 recognition.

There is no feeling out there like the feeling you get when you buy your first home. It's exciting, elating and completely terrifying all at the same time. Each city carries their own weight of each of those categories and some cities are good at giving you the positive vibes.

According to WalletHub, those cities are the best cities for first-time home buyers.

Recently, the financial site looked as cities all across the country and compiled their Best and Worst Cities for First Time Home Buyers list. WalletHub factored in things like affordability, the state of the real estate market, the quality life in the city, and more. Texas performed quite well as a whole, especially in the top 10.

Of the best cities to buy a home for the first time, Frisco and McKinney performed well.

Frisco was ranked number seven followed by McKinney at number eight out of 300 cities. Both performed really well in the "Real-Estate Market" ranking. McKinney was number one in the nation and Frisco was number two. It should also be noted that Shreveport, Louisiana was on the list at number 252. What is most impressive though is that Shreveport features the lowest total home-energy cost across the board.

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