Get ready for the 2018 Stinson Organ Transplant Awareness 5K/10K Walk Run on February 10, at 2223 Galleria Oaks Dr.

The race/walk run begins at 9AM at CHRISTUS St. Michael Health and Fitness Center. Cost is $35 with a $3 signup fee for the 5K/10K Run and $10 for the Family Walk Stroll with a $2 signup fee. Hurry because registration ends on Feb. 8, 2018.

All money raised from this event will go toward the Stinson Organ Transplant Awareness and Support Foundation. This 501(c)3 organization has a mission of saving lives and to bring awareness for the need for individuals to register as organ donors. The foundation also provides financial help for those awaiting an organ transplant or immediate post transplant.

For more information or to signup please Click Here.



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