The Board of Directors of the Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce has endorsed the passage of Issue 1: The 2020 Arkansas Transportation Sales Tax Continuation Question appearing on the State of Arkansas Ballot on Election Day 2020. The Chamber supports continued dedicated road funding.
According to a press release, the passage of this issue will assist to fix over 7000 miles of roads and provide safer highways throughout the state of Arkansas. Furthermore, it will assist in repairing structurally deficient bridges, provide $8.2 billion in economic activity over the next 10 years, and support over 3,600 jobs without raising taxes.

Michael Malone, President of the local Chamber, stated, “Our community depends upon a strong network of safe and durable roadways for not only our residents and businesses today but for the future growth of the community.

We need a strong network of good roads not only for business but for the safety of children going to schools, emergency vehicles to reach our citizens, and to continue to attract new business and residents.”

Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas expressed his need for the passage, "A vote for Issue 1 means better roads, a stronger economy, and a safer Arkansas — without raising taxes. It will benefit every resident and every small business that calls Arkansas home."

The Texarkana USA Regional Chamber of Commerce is a private not-for-profit business organization that promotes the region, its businesses, and a quality environment for our residents. The Chamber has been active in economic development, business retention & expansion, workforce, education, and sustainable community development for over 100 years. Additional information on the chamber is available at their website:

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