We're happy to announce our nominated winners of Kicker's Salute to Farmers and Ranchers brought to you by Miller Bowie Supply.

National Agriculture Week was last week and we have been celebrating our local Farmers and Ranchers all month long by having listeners nominate who they think needs a little recognition for all their hard work that sometimes may go unseen.

<> on October 3, 2013 in Worthington, Minnesota.
Scott Olson

The Winners

  • Ann Gage
  • Ken Cullipher
  • Teresa and Brett Fawcett
  • Fuzz Fry - love the name
  • Shane Kitchens
  • Delton Gwinn
  • Daniel Mills
  • Rick Doty
  • Michael Meadows
  • Doug Applegate

Congratulations to each one of these nominated winners! All winners and one special guest are cordially invited to attend a special "Thank You" appreciation award luncheon at Silver Star Smokehouse on April, 20, at 12 noon with the Kicker crew.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Right now are hard times for the farming community and we hope that with being nominated you can now take a step back and enjoy lunch with us. These hard-working farmers and ranchers always make sure we continue to get the supplies needed to keep this country moving forward and into the future.


We appreciate everything you do, thank you, and Congratulations!

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