Kicker 102-5 has teamed up with our friends at Miller Bowie Supply to once again bring you a salute to Farmers and Ranchers in our community.

Farmers and Ranchers are the pride and backbone of America. Think about what this country would be like without them because today's farmers pretty much do it all, from producing and harvesting food that gets to our table as they help feed America, even help in clothing people with all their hard work.


A farmer and rancher's job is hardly ever done, they work long hours normally from sun up to sundown or until the job is done to assure that we get the supplies needed to keep this country moving forward.

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National Agriculture Week

That's why from March 21-25, we're celebrating National Agriculture Week to let our underappreciated farmers and ranchers know just how much we care about them. Right now, we're asking our listeners to nominate their favorite farmer or rancher by using their Kicker mobile app or by going to our website. Ten nominees will be picked and highlighted on the air, the ten finalists will then be invited to a very special luncheon where they will be recognized and acknowledged with an award commemorating all their hard work. One of the finalists' names will then be selected in a random drawing to receive a $100 donation to go towards their favorite charity of choice.

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It's a salute to Farmers and Ranchers brought to you by Miller Bowie Supply and your #1 for New Country Kicker 102-5. See official rules here.

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