Kicker 102.5 has joined with Miller Bowie Supply to bring you a salute to Farmers and Ranchers in our area.

Without a doubt, Farmers and Ranchers are the backbone of America. Today's farmer does everything from feeding people, clothing people, powering vehicles and so much more. It was a rough year for many Americans this past year and even though the curve is being flattened the pandemic is still ongoing. These hard-working farmers and ranchers have made sure we continue to get the supplies needed to keep this country moving forward and into the future.

The week of March 21-27, we celebrate National Agriculture Week and we want to let this underappreciated group know just how much we care. Right now, through March 26, we're asking listeners to nominate their favorite farmer or rancher via our Kicker website or on our mobile app. Then during National Agriculture Week, we will pick 10 nominees and they will be highlighted on the air. The 10 finalists will then be invited to a very special luncheon on Tuesday, March 30 at Julie's Deli, where they will be recognized and acknowledged with plaques. One name out of the finalists will be drawn and the winner will receive a $100 donation to go towards the charity of their choice. Fill out the nomination form below.

It's a salute to Farmers and Ranchers brought to you by Miller Bowie Supply and your #1 for New Country Kicker 102-5.

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