Kicker 102.5 teamed up with Miller Bowie Supply to bring you a salute to Farmers and Ranchers in our area, and thanks to the nominees sent in by you, we were able to take a few to lunch and give them some plaques just to say thanks.

Farmers and Ranchers are indeed the backbones of America and we were blessed to have several of our local farmers and Ranchers join us for lunch Tuesday at Julie's Deli on Summerhill Rd. We handed out some terrific-looking plaques made by Rogers Trophies while enjoying some delicious Julie's meatloaf.

After some food and a few laughs, some pictures and handshakes all-around they departed to go make more stuff that we can make meatloaf with. God bless America.

Once again we salute:

  • Dalton Harris
  • Bryce Hamilton
  • Drew Tankersley
  • Delton Gwinn
  • Paul Duke
  • Trindon Crouch
  • Ann Guage
  • Stacey Flannery
  • Jimmy Curtis
  • Bart Hamilton

By the way, as a bonus, we drew one name to donate $100 to the charity of their choice, Jimmy Curtis was our winner and he chose the Bowie County 4H.

Special thanks to our partner Heather Parker from Miller Bowie Sullpy for helping us make it all happen this year.


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