The elements are there, but the shoe lacks the pizzazz that we were hoping for.

How cool would it be to have a shoe that represents your state? Every where you walk, people would see where your roots lie just by looking at your feet. It's almost poetic.

That's what Adidas set out to do recently.

Teaming up with Refinery29, the popular shoe company enlisted the help of several female artists to design shoes inspired by each of our 50 states. These 12 women painted and decorated Adidas' Ultraboot X sneakers and then auctioned them off online to raise money for Women Win. The charity is dedicated to advancing women's leadership.

Let me ask this question first... What you would put on a shoe designed for Texas or Arkansas? For Texas, I would play up the cowboy aspect or even the southwestern flair. Maybe lassos for laces and spurs on the back of the shoes. For Arkansas, I'd go full razorback or even outdoorsy with the beauty that Arkansas has to offer.

Here's what they came up with for Texas:

I struggle to find what about this shoe says Texas. It actually looks like a regular design that Adidas would put out. The artist says she was inspired by "the state gems and stones", a.k.a. blue topaz. While the colors are beautiful, it's just not the Lone Star State. You could have thrown a steak on the shoe like Tennessee did... Heck, I would have settled for a giant tumbleweed.

As for Arkansas, here's what we have:

This shoe says "America", not "Arkansas." The artist was inspired by the flag and the diamond mines, because "that's what Arkansas is known for." When I think Arkansas, I think Ozarks, water falls, hot springs, and hogs. A cute hog snout on the front with some tusks and we could have called it a day.

I know it's art and everyone interprets things differently, so maybe I need to just take a chill pill.

But take a look at the other states! When you look at other designs, Georgia looks like an actual peach, New Jersey has a slice of pizza added to it, and Kentucky looks like a scene straight out of the derby.

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