Crying babies and screaming kids are a part of life, but if your sitting next to them on a long flight it can get old really quick. That's why an airline has announced they are banning children from the first seven rows on long flights.

Asian airline AirAsia says "The Quite Zone" area will be reserved for fliers 12 years of age or older. Their website says:

Shhhh…Introducing the new Quiet Zone for all of our AirAsia X flights, because
we know that sometimes all you need is some peace and quiet for a more pleasant journey with us.

Cool thing is, there would be no extra charge for seats in this area. The way the Air Asia planes are configured makes it easy to have this Quite Zone:

(The) front seven rows are separated from the rest of the economy section by bulkheads and the plane's washrooms.

This unique configuration makes the "Quiet Zone" feasible on AirAsia, or on Malaysia Airlines, where children are not welcome on the upper deck of the airline's Airbus A380-800.

The way our airline planes are configured, it would be difficult to have a Quite Zone. Last April Fool's Day the Canadian airline West Jet came up with the video below announcing their "special VIP area for children." Remember, I did say it was April Fools Day! Nice to see a business with a sense of humor.

Some people are upset by this kid free zone, saying that services and businesses are becoming less and less child friendly. What do you think?

via Would you fly in a kid-free zone on an airplane? - Your Community.