If anyone ever teases you about your love of country music, tell them to suck on this.  All three major TV networks are battling their little Brooks Brothers suits off for the rights to air the "CMA Music Awards".

Like always, it's all about the numbers.  The CMAs average around 17-million viewers.  That's similar to the Golden Globes... but HIGHER than the "American Music Awards".

The CMAs always do really well with the younger viewers, and that's the real prize.

According to NewYorkMagazine.com, ABC, which has aired the show for the past five years, was all set to renew their commitment, but then CBS, who had the show for 34 years before that, decided they wanted it back.

And then both of them were blindsided when NBC came out of nowhere with an open checkbook.  CMA officials are supposedly weighing all the offers and will sign a long-term deal, with someone, later this month.

(This year's CMAs are scheduled to air November 9th on ABC.  I can't imagine the results of this deal will change that.)