I grew up in the 60's and 70's and back then Americans took pride in the fact that we were the undisputed leaders in space exploration, even though we were a little behind getting started. We were reminded Wednesday morning during our History segment at 7:15AM during the Wakeup Crew that the Soviet Union was the first to put a satellite in space with Sputnik in 1957. Well, it looks as though the Trump Administration is committed to returning the US back to prominence in space... and I love it!

There are many reasons why I think America needs to be the leader in space and although national pride is one of them, it's really not the most important one. Strategic Defence is the most important reason. Sad to say but as other nations get vehicles and satellites into space, what's to stop some foreign leader or billionaire from paying one of those countries to put something in orbit over the United States that could do unbelievable harm to us. If we don't stay the leader in space exploration and technology that very thing could happen and much sooner than you think.

We don't currently have a vehicle that can put our own astronauts in space, are you kidding me? We are relying on the Russians to do that right now and it costs us over $70Million each time we do it. That's ridiculous. When the last Space Shuttle was launched and then retired in 2011, there should have been a vehicle already in place to take over those duties. Obviously, there was not, and still is not.

Vice President Mike Pense is the Chairman of the National Space Council and today that Council had it's first meeting to begin that process of leading in space once again. There's a great Op-Ed in today's Wall Street Journal by VP Mike Pence titled America Will Return To The Moon-And Go Beyond, if you're a little geeky like me, you should read it.


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