This is an open letter about tipping your restaurant to-go orders.

With the quarantine and coronavirus, we are all doing our part to stay at home but like most people, we are trying to help out local business any way we can with ordering food to go from our local mom-and-pop places to eat,

Are you tipping the nice folks bringing you your food? Are you taking care of your servers? Did you know that waitstaff in Texas makes only $2.18 an hour? The minimum wage in Texas is $7.25 an hour. In Arkansas waitstaff makes  $2.63 an hour and their minimum wage is $9.25.

I know tipping is the last thing on your mind, but take a moment and remember that this person bringing you your food is taking some pretty big risks. They work with all kinds of people all day and some are gracious some are a little paranoid and some are just mean and difficult. This is how they make a living so take a little time and do something nice.

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