Anyone who has an ornery pooch, a narcissistic feline or a cheerful canary can get their beloved family pet the great care it deserves at Oubre Animal Clinic in Wake Village.

Client Rebecca Blanton says via Facebook that the clinic provides “awesome customer service” and has a “friendly and caring staff.”

Much more than just great customer service, the clinic also offers up lots of ways to pamper your pet or keep their health in tip top shape.

Clients can treat their animal companions to luxurious baths, get regular dental exams, board them during vacation time or have a microchip embedded beneath the skin to help recover them if they are ever lost.

But the clinic is also good when it comes to emergencies too, because Oubre can handle blood transfusions, immunizations, critical care, radiology, surgery, ultrasounds, and internal medicine specialties like cardiology and gastroenterology.

Ami Siler had to take her pug in nine months ago, and she says “Dewayna and the team of experts [took] such great care of…Maggie.” Siler also said that she loved how friendly, knowledgeable and clean Oubre is and will highly recommend the clinic’s services to others.

Oubre Animal Clinic is located at 423 W. Greenfield Drive in Wake Village. (Photo courtesy Facebook)

Two of the doctors on staff who keep Wake Village’s pets purring, barking and tweeting happily are Cindy Pfluger and Justin Powell. Dr. Pfluger, a graduate of Texas A&M University, joined the practice in 1987 and has a knack for keeping little critters like ferrets, birds, guinea pigs and rabbits healthy.

Dr. Powell joined the clinic two decades later in 2007. He grew up in Pleasant Grove and went to college at Texas Tech University and LSU School of Veterinary Medicine after that. Although he practiced in Louisiana for two years, Texarkana was home and he returned with his wife and two sons to start work at Oubre, where he had also been a client for 20 years before going away to school.

On-air personality, German shepherd rescuer and all-around animal advocate Mimi McDaniel had a very sick dog three years ago when she called the emergency vet on call and spoke to Dr. Powell. “He talked me through everything I needed to do at home for her so I could wait until the next morning to bring [her] in to be seen. He was very patient with my panic state of mind,” she recalls.

Together with the rest of the staff at Oubre Animal Clinic, Drs. Powell and Pfluger are happy that they can care for Texarkana’s pets and take the guesswork out of animal care.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for your pet, visit the clinic online at their website or via Facebook. Or you may simply call (903) 832-4559.

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