Here's some fantastic news for the Texarkana area. As our town grows word is getting around that it's a pretty great place to live and work.

It was recently announced that another big company will be moving its headquarters to TexAmericas Center.

EnviroSafe Demil LLC (ESD) is the newest Corporate Citizen moving onto its property. The company was based out of Nevada but now it is bringing its clean tech ammunition demilitarization company to Texarkana.

 ESD will bring approximately $363 million in contract values to the Texarkana Area & Texas


Texarkana's TexAmericas Center owns and operates one of the largest mixed-use industrial parks in the United States. With this relocation, ESD will bring approximately $363 million in contract values to TexAmericas Center and the State of Texas.

What Does ESD Actually Do?


ESD will be relocating its headquarters, also corporate staff and company operations to Texarkana. This means the company will also bring new, high-technology careers to the Texarkana area to handle the demilitarization of military munitions, including 20MM, artillery fuses, aircraft countermeasure flares and rocket motors.

 TJ Ogden, CEO and founder of EnviroSafe Demil said;

“While relocating a company is always a tough decision, this is the best move for our company because TAC is a perfect fit for our company mission. We look forward to our next chapter in Texas and being a big part of the community in the region.”


Wondering What Demilitarization is?

TexAmericas Center
TexAmericas Center

According to a press release, demilitarization is the process where munitions are deactivated, disabled, and rendered safe for final disposition and ESD’s technologies for do this are some of the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective methods in the industry.

Scott Norton the Executive Director and CEO of TexAmericas Center stated in a press release;

“EnviroSafe Demil is a perfect fit at TexAmericas Center. They are innovative and strategic and represent the forward-thinking we strive for at TAC. We’re thrilled to say, ‘Welcome to Texas.’ We’re even more excited to watch this partnership grow for the people at EnviroSafe Demil and Texarkana.”


This is the second company this year that relocated to TexAmericas Center. Earlier this past year, Expal USA brought its headquarters from the Dallas area to Texarkana.

If you would like mo information about EnviroSafe Demil go to their website at

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