With all the devastation of hurricanes lately, isn't it nice we have First Responders and Emergency personnel  who come to the rescue of those in need in moments of crisis. Just as we remember on the anniversary of 911, all those firefighters, police, and first responders who put their life on the line to save others.

It takes a special kind of person to want to help others during a time of need. Many people call them heroes because of their selfless act of bravery and courage. However, most of these heroes would tell you they're just doing this because its the right thing to do as a human being. Help your neighbors.

So that brings me to ask, "Have you ever thought of becoming a firefighter?" Do you have what it takes to be a firefighter?

If so, the Texarkana Arkansas Fire Department is now accepting applications until September 29, 2017.  The eligibility requirements have changed since the last test.

Firefighter in truck

Please contact the fire administration offices at 870-779-4956 for requirements and further information.

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