If you're planning to start or add to your family with a new bundle of joy, you may want to check this out.

My husband and I have been married for almost four years and at this point we're realizing how nice it was not to have people pester us for babies. Now it seems like everywhere we turn, people are hinting that we need to start a family. We're just not ready. We're too selfish, especially in our careers. And judging by this list, it's not the worst decision we could make.

That's at least according to WalletHub.com.

They ranked Arkansas at number 42 on the list of Best and Worst States to Have a Baby. The higher your state is on the list, the better off you are. Vermont took the top spot. I heard it's lovely this time of year.

We're 42 our of 51.

The major players in these rankings were costs associated with baby care, health care accessibility, overall baby- and family-friendliness of the state, and more. It wasn't all terrible for us. In fact, Arkansas is in the top 5 states for the most child-care centers per Capita. This makes us a pretty good place when it comes to family- and baby-friendliness. Unfortunately we ranked number 47 when it came to overall heath care which leaves plenty of room for improvement.

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