It's hard to believe but this weekend I will be celebrating my 40th Class Reunion, the class of '77 from Arkansas High.

As always I look forward to seeing all my friends and classmates and catching up on old times. I realized while I am writing this story how much being in high school had an impact on my radio career and my life. If I recall, it was 1974 when I landed my first on-air radio job with KOSY-790 AM, working weekends. But as I look back on the year, thought it would be cool to remember what was happening in 1977.

For starters, I can remember getting home from school and turning on the television to hear that Elvis Presley died. I thought it was a joke but unfortunately it turned out to be the truth. Here are some other things I recall that was happening in 1977.

Stars Wars, Rocky, Smoky and the Bandit, Saturday Night Fever, Close Encounters of the Third Kind were just a few of the movies I remember being released that year. The television mini-series Roots made its debut on ABC-TV and the Atari Video Gaming System was released that year as well.  Also, Jimmy Carter was elected President of the United States. Oh, almost forgot about the iconic movie The Town That Dreaded Sundown which actually came out in 1976, several classmates including myself had the opportunity to be in that movie that was filmed in Texarkana.

As for some of the top songs in the radio that year, I remember playing "Hotel California," "How Deep is Your Love," "I Wish," "I'm Your Boogie Man," and 'Fly Like an Eagle," just to name a few.

And just for the record, no pun intended, gasoline was only 79 cents per gallon. My how times change but when I look back on those glory days I having nothing but great memories.

So as we gather together this weekend to celebrate our class reunion I can still hear our spirit yell.

We'll raise hell til' we're in heaven, we're the class of '77.

The Arkansas High Class of 1977 will be at Park Place located at 2905 Arkansas Blvd beginning at 6:30PM this Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017. Please RSVP

Go Hogs!