Cheers! Whether it’s at your local bar after a long day at the office, a quick nightcap or drinks with friends on a Saturday afternoon, nothing goes down better than your favorite boozy beverage. Americans are well-known for our patriotic attitude and this extends to our love for all things alcoholic.

The United States of… Alcohol? From the Alabama Yellow Hammer to the Washington Apple, each state has a signature cocktail or drink for which it is best known. Dedicated to providing helpful information about hangover products and solutions, conducted a survey of 1,000 American drinkers to find out how they rank each of the most iconic alcoholic drinks from each state.

The poll revealed that in 1st place, Americans voted for South Carolina's Sweet Tea and Vodka. Dangerously delicious, this refreshing concoction of cold brew sweet tea and vodka over ice is the ultimate treat to sip on a hot summer’s day in The Palmetto State. Proceed with caution especially when consuming alcohol in the sun.

The Washington Apple came in 2nd place, which is somewhat apt considering this year’s apple crop is one of the largest in history at an astounding 138.2 million 40-pound boxes! A Washington Apple cocktail combines whiskey, cranberry juice, and sour apple schnapps served in a martini glass – it’s basically apple juice for adults!

It was found that the Arkansas Razorback emerged among America's favorites in 34th place. The Arkansas Razorback is a beloved Southern cocktail, and it’s especially popular among the fans of its namesake team. Go to any home game and you will find fans drinking this cocktail made of vodka, amaretto, coffee liqueur, and spiced rum.

See all the states favorite drinks here.

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