Have you ever watched the food hit TV show "Carnival Eats" now streaming on HBO Max?

Well, get ready because according to Fun in Arkansas, Season 7 is now streaming on HBO Max, and the Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock will be featured in a series featuring its unique flair for zany carnival food. "Carnival Eats" show host Noah Cappe is bringing his upbeat and quirky personality to Arkansas to sample some very creative concoctions that have become legends in the Natural State at the Arkansas State Fair. The long-time-running show "Carnival Eats" was first seen on the Cooking Channel in 2014.
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 For example, here are a few samples that Noah can't wait to try.

Arkansas Slamwich

Piled high to the brim with pulled pork, smoked bologna, and other fixings, you haven't had a sandwich until you've had the "Slamwich."

Stuffed Thanksgiving Tacos

This is not your traditional Thanksgiving meal but it does have some awesome holiday flavors and a taste that will make you want to gobble it down as fast as you can.

Deep-Fried Rice Pudding

This ain't your grandma's rice pudding but don't knock it until you try this comfort food delight.
The Arkansas State Fair will not be the only one featured in the popular series but Noah visits other fairs and festivals in the U.S. and Canada. Each destination features food that is prevalent in the region and the culture it comes from.
Carnival Eats is a show that dives deeper into the stories behind the scenes, from interviews with chefs about their creations, traditions, the vendors who sell the food, and what makes it so unique to each region he visits.
And if you can wait around until October you can take a road trip to the Arkansas State Fair to enjoy some of the food you will see on the show.
Of course, with HBO Max you can watch one of the shows or binge-watch them at your own pace.
 What could be better than that except maybe an Arkansas Slamwich?
Here's a quick snip from another fair Noah visited so you can get the premise of the show.

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