Wouldn't you love to help Harvest Texarkana win $45,000 for their Backpack program with just a click of your mouse?  You totally can! Harvest Texarkana Regional Food Bank has been providing food for local school children since 2006. As of 2011 they deliver food to over 11 campuses in our area with their "Backpack Program". Here is a great description of the program I took right off their website ( Harvest Texarkana Regional Food Bank ):

The Backpack program provides a package of kid-friendly, shelf-stable, self-serve foods to children identified by their school as 'chronically hungry.'  These children qualify for Federal free school breakfast and lunch and the school staff has reason to believe that these meals may be the only regular meals the children receive.  With parental permission, Harvest Texarkana and volunteers prepare a bag for each child with enough food to get the student through the weekend.  The bags are delivered to their campuses on Thursdays and during the day Friday, while the children are out of the classroom, the packages are discretely placed in the students' backpacks.  Harvest Texarkana even provides the backpack if necessary!  Additional food is provided before school holidays and breaks.

A student can be served for the entire school year for $125.  Examples of what foods are included are ravioli's, beanie weenie, granola bars, canned and fresh fruit, pudding, juice boxes, cereal, poptarts, oatmeal, hot cocoa, and soup.  When supplies are available, Harvest Texarkana will also provide toothbrushes and other hygene products, school supplies, and other treats. "


Now, how can you help with just the click of your mouse? Harvest Texarkana is involved in a contest with Wal-Mart to win $45,000 for their Backpack Program. They are just barely in the top 40 stores nominated so I need your help to get us to #1! When we were trying to win a dog park for Texarkana I heard a lot of people complaining that they would rather vote to feed hungry children-well here you go! :) Please share and spread this all over Facebook and Twitter. Let's get this thing out there! See above where a child is fed for $125? That $45,000 would feed (let me get my calculator....) 360 CHILDREN!!!!

I can't do this without you-please vote every single day and ask all your friends and family to do the same. Here is the link to vote:

Click here to vote for Harvest Texarkana!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

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