My husband, John, and I love to go camping and do a little off-roading! Whether you like to camp or if you're into off-roading by OHV, ATV or Motorcycle there are great places just a quick drive away!

There is something really wonderful about camping and it's not just the outdoors, it's the people you meet. It's kind of like a little sub-culture all it's own. John and I have met some of the most wonderful people while we've been camping.

Our off road antics are a blast too. Luckily, being in Texarkana we are able to take advantage of two Land Rover Clubs: Arkansas Rovers Society and Texas Rovers. So, there is usually lots of things going on.

Here is a list of few great places to check out that are within a couple of hours drive. So, grab the tent or hook up the camper (that would be me!) and give these a try!

Superlift ORV Park in Hot Springs

This is a great park for off-roading! Camping is also available. The scenery is beautiful and of course minutes away from downtown Hot Springs! My husband and I love camping here with our Land Rover friends. The terrain is rocky and makes for some challenging off-roading. We love to cook when we are camping but sometimes after a long day on the trails it's nice to slip into town for dinner.

Lake Wright Patman

Yes! Just down the road. What a better way to feel like you've gone out of town for the weekend but only be minutes from home! We've checked out Rocky Point, Piney Point and Clear Spring Park and love them all. We've met campers from all over the country at Rocky Point and they always rave about the camp grounds! It is beautiful and I think sometimes we just don't appreciate things in our own back yard as much as we need too.

Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area outside of Gilmer, Texas.

Barnwell is only an hour and a half drive from Texarkana. This is yet another GREAT place for off-roading and camping! You'll see different off-road clubs and their campsites that they keep up themselves like Texas Rovers, Jeep, Toyota and more.


We also have some of the most beautiful lakes in Arkansas if not the country just a short drive away! Here are some places that we have gone for day trips but haven't had the opportunity to actually camp at yet.  So, these are on my "camping bucket list" if you will!

Lake Greeson

Lake Degray


DeQueen Lake:


Have you been to any of these places lately? What was your experience like? What places have I missed for great camping and/or off-roading?