No wonder it's so hard to fall in love... It's too expensive!

Earlier this week, we talked about a 14-year-old boy who wanted to take his girlfriend on a proper date so he mowed lawns until he had enough money to do so. Well, if his date was average, he needed to raise close to $180. That number is according to a study published in the Daily Mail. At $5 a lawn, he would have needed to mow 36 lawns.

That's hard work!

So where did that number come from? Well, according to the study you will spend about this much on a date:

1. $18.25 before you even get out the door on getting your hair done or any cosmetics

2. $29 on clothes, because you'll want something new and hot to wear

3. $9 on a gift, if you still participate in this tradition

4. $14.50 on transportation

5. $98 on the meat of the date; entertainment, meals and drinks

6. $7.25 on something to eat at the end of the night

This comes out to $176. That's outrageous in my opinion. If I knew my husband and I were spending this much money on every single one of our dates, I would rip my hair out. And we've been married for years.

No, no... If you're going to date, especially if it's a first date, I say go simple. It's more romantic and I think you'll actually learn more about the other person than you would if you just went the super fancy route.

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