The State Fair of Texas starts today in Big D and there's one notable change you will definitely notice Big Tex is back bigger and better than ever. After all when you live in Texas everything is twice the size. Many may remember last year due to an electrical problem Big Tex caught fire and burned to the ground. The only reminders left from Big Tex were his hands and belt buckle which can now be viewed in a walk through exhibit in the Hall of State near the fairgrounds.  Since 1952 Big Tex has been an iconic symbol of the State Fair of Texas with his resounding voice that welcomed every fair attendee with the words "Howdy Folks."  That voice was not computer generated, but the voice of Bill Bragg a longtime resident of the Metroplex.

The 2013 new version of Big Tex has had a complete makeover from being 3 feet taller to being decked out in some new duds as they say in Texas. But that's not all, Big Tex is sporting some new boots and has a new voice. WFAA News 8's Mike Castellucci caught up with Bill Bragg the original voice of Big Tex and asked him about being replaced.

The State Fair of Texas starts today (9/27) and runs through October 20. Check out this video to get a better look from WFAA News 8.