October is for fun and everything spooky. So it's only fitting that the 2021 2nd Annual Fouke Monster Halloween Campout will be taking place on Halloween weekend.

Lisa Lindsey Townsquare Media
The campout is from Friday, October 29 thru Sunday, October 31 at the Alex Smith
Park in Fouke Arkansas. Get ready for a fun spooky hairy of a good time.
October 29-31st!
Not only is this a  fun event for all ages since it'll be outdoors that means it will be great for social distancing.

Talk with Bigfoot Enthusiasts & Researchers

You will be able to meet up with other Bigfoot fans and researchers will be there too to meet and talk about the famous Fouke Monster. Special guest hosts for the event are
Keith Crabtree who played the Fouke Monster in The Legend of Boggy Creek and Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio’s Lauren Smith.

Evening Story Telling and Trick or Treating for The Kids

David De Lossy
Saturday, in the evening around 7 PM there will be stores of Bigfoot sightings around the main campfire. There will also be Trick or Treating for the kids on Saturday night around the campgrounds, plus a costume contest.
 There will also be vendors there with great arts, crafts and bigfoot souvenirs.

Camping Information

Photo by Laura Pluth on Unsplash
Campsites are free and only for tents. There are also first come first serve so get there early. Organizers of the event recommend you bring your own food and gear. It is primitive camping only so remember that means no electricity or water available.
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