Billy Currington likes to chill out with Willie Nelson? Interesting...

When you're a country music star, it's got to be hard to find some peace and quiet or a place to unplug. Traveling must be difficult because people always recognize you and once again, you have to be "on." So where do artists look to get away from it all? For Billy Currington, according to The Boot, it involves a trip to the beach.

Or hanging out with Willie Nelson.

Although he didn't give a specific reason why Willie provides solace for him, we can imagine it is because Willie understands the lifestyle. Sometimes when you are around someone who understands your job, or how you live, they're more sensitive to your need to unplug and disconnect. As for the beach, Billy says he loves the ocean.

“I go to the ocean. Whether I have to wear a wetsuit because it’s freezing out there, or I’m fortunate enough just to be in my swim trunks, I’m in the ocean as quick as I can get there when I’m home. When I get in the ocean, it’s the strangest thing — just being on the waves, going up and down with the waves, or riding the waves in, there’s something so unique and special about it. It takes my mind off of everything else. Even if it’s just an hour out there in the water, all the worries have been left out there in the water.”

I have to agree with Billy on the ocean. Growing up in San Diego, I was spoiled with the opportunity to head off to the beach at least a few times a month. There is something very calming about the ocean. It's like all of your problems seem so small and insignificant compared to that massive body of water.