Can you believe it, We're just a little over two weeks away from the 2018 Black Friday sales to get underway, Black Friday warriors are making their battle plans now to face off with other crazy shoppers on Thursday and Friday, November 22 & 23. 

Well, you can't draw up your well thought out battle plans unless you have the proper intel right? That's where these come in, the Black Friday Sale Sheets. Some have been released already, some have not. But you know they always get leaked, I actually think they do that on purpose, don't you?

Whatever! Once you have these intelligence reports in your pumpkin pie-stained sticky fingers you can draw upon your family and friend resources, cell phones, walkie-talkies, store maps in-hand, ready to lay waste to your gift lists that you so feverishly checked twice the night before.

Onward shopping soldiers! Oh, and by the way, let's be nice to each other out there, ok?



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