It's been over a year since the Listeria outbreak and some continue to go without Blue Bell.

The summer of 2015 will forever go down as the one without Blue Bell Ice Cream. In April of last year, the company announced voluntary recalls of all its products due to an outbreak of Listeria in it's factories. From there, it became a complete shutdown and we were left without the frozen queen of the south for most of the year.

But then, like the Prodigal Son, Blue Bell returned in August 2015. Not that we noted that danced in the streets or anything.

However, even though we've enjoyed the luxury of original and even new flavors, there are some areas who have not had the return of Blue Bell. The company has announced the return of its products to North and South Carolina is set for September. On September 12, Blue Bell will be back in all of South Carolina and central North Carolina. The rest of North Carolina will get the ice cream on September 19.

Talk about a dry spell.

In other Blue Bell news, according the the Dallas Morning News, the creamery has been issued an $850,000 fine from the Texas State Health Department for the Listeria outbreak last year that caused 10 people to get sick and even three deaths.