If planning a wedding is not stressful enough trying to figure out who you want as your bridesmaids could cause your stress level to go into overdrive.  You know you're always going to leave someone out that thought they should have been a bridesmaid. How do you solve the problem of hurting that persons feelings? You do like a wedding party did in Britain you invite 80 bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding. Sounds crazy because I can't even think of 80 people that could fill that void.

A British couple did just that, Katie Dalby got married to Norman Gooch last weekend with 80 bridesmaids in the ceremony.

Dalby owns a dance school and says her students were excited when she told them last year she was getting married, with some asking to be in the wedding. Dalby said it didn't feel right to pick two or three of her students, so she did the most reasonable thing and asked 74 of her pupils, aged two to 17, to be attendants, joining her best friend, three sisters-in-laws, a niece and a cousin.

Just hope she had some royal money for all the gifts she had to purchase for all 80 bridesmaids.

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