You buy diamonds or diamond jewelry either for yourself or for your loved ones and usually your decision of buying a diamond is based on some emotions. Buying a diamond or diamond jewelry is certainly an expensive purchase and it's advisable to get some knowledge about diamonds and their characteristics.

When you go out to buy a sparkling diamond, you must consider the 4Cs of diamonds as a base for your decision. These 4Cs will help you to choose the best diamonds using the same criteria jewelers use to select them.

Set your budget for buying a diamond and then explore all your options. By this way, you'll find a wide range of diamonds with different carat weights and qualities in your price range.  Always buy a diamond which fulfills the basic criteria of 4Cs and suitable to your budget. You should give priority to diamond cut, color and carat weight over diamond clarity. Imperfections are almost always so small that they have no measurable effect on the diamond's brilliance. Brilliance is almost entirely the result of the cut and proportions of the diamond. When you are buying a diamond for your loved ones, always keep their personality and preferences in mind. You should ask your jeweler to give more information about the origin of diamonds available with him so you don't end up buying a conflict diamond.  You should also ask your jeweler, if the diamond you are considering buying is treated to enhance color or cover flaws. A treated diamond should cost less than a natural diamond.  Always buy a diamond from a reputed and known jeweler. Remember, while buying a diamond, you should not be in a hurry or under pressure. You should buy it at your convenience and at your own pace.  And be sure to check out Parks Buying Guide for more detailed information.


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