The 2019 Bridal Fair Is This Saturday
If you are planning a wedding, or a wedding is planning you, then don’t miss the 2019 bridal fair, this Saturday, January 19th at the Texarkana Texas Convention Center on Cowhorn Creek from 10 AM to 3 PM. Check out the "VIB' Tickets, yes, that means Very Important Bride…
Diamond Buying Tips – Get the Most for Your Money
You buy diamonds or diamond jewelry either for yourself or for your loved ones and usually your decision of buying a diamond is based on some emotions. Buying a diamond or diamond jewelry is certainly an expensive purchase and it's advisable to get some knowledge about diamonds and their cha…
The Most Famous Diamonds in History
Diamonds are always appreciated for their beauty and rarity and considered as a symbol of wealth and power. The largest and most rare stones have been noted throughout history. These are of some of the World’s Most Famous Diamonds of all time…
The History of Diamonds a Source of Love & Fascination
The diamond is the hardest known substance in the world. They've been a source of fascination for centuries. Kings and Queens have prized them, wars have been fought over them. Today, Diamonds have become ‘The Symbol of Love’ through out the world.

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