Diamonds are always appreciated for their beauty and rarity and considered as a symbol of wealth and power. The largest and most rare stones have been noted throughout history. These are of some of the World’s Most Famous Diamonds of all time…

When the Cullian was first discovered, certain signs suggested that it may have been part of a much larger crystal. But no discovery of the "missing half" has ever been authenticated.  The Cullinan I or Great Star of Africa diamond is the largest cut diamond in the world. The Cullinan II diamond is the second largest cut diamond in the world, and both are part of the Royal Sceptre / Crown Jewels of England.
* The Centenary Diamond was discovered at the Premier Mine, in July 1986. This diamond weighed 599.10 carats in the rough.
* The Orloff is thought to have weighed about 300 carats when it was found and there are many historical episodes involved with this diamond.
* The Regent is a truly historic diamond discovered in 1701 by an Indian slave near Golconda. It once weighed 410 carats in the rough and was one of the largest diamonds found in India.
* Koh-i-Noor (Mountain of Light)  The name of this diamond means "Mountain of Light" and its history is the longest of all famous diamonds.

There are others just as impressive, including The Great Chrysanthemum, The Idol's Eye, The Taylor-Burton and The Blue Hope, just to name a few.


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