Be still our beating heart!

It's been a minute since we have heard or seen Brooks and Dunn together making music. 2010 to be exact. Thanks to Ronnie Dunn, we're seeing the duo reunite. Now, before you go too crazy, it's not a Brook and Dunn song. It's a Ronnie Dunn song that happens to feature Kix Brooks.

The song is called "Damn Drunk."

And if I hadn't heard it for myself I would say that I was drunk thinking the two were together again. Alas, Kix is just a featured artist on the song. However, it was his idea. According to Billboard, Ronnie played Kix the rough cut of the song and it was Kix who said it needed a harmony. That's when Ronnie told him to go for it.

Ronnie just released the music video for the song and while Kix is nowhere to be seen, there is a very attractive cowgirl. Guess she couldn't provide the duet.