If you've ever questioned those Black Friday deals, allow us to shed some light on them.

Many people will be carb-loading this Thursday in anticipation of Black Friday. Oh, they may say thanks, but it's for the gift they are about to purchase. One of the most paramount rules I learned with Black Friday, is that not everything is on sale just because it's Black Friday. Have a family member who used to work in retail, some stores don't even offer sales. Like Buckle for instance. They never offer discounted prices for any event, yet they are pack and picked over ever Black Friday.

Is it really the sale or the rush we're into?

According to WalletHub, 17% of Black Friday "deals" aren't even deals at all. In fact, these items can actually be purchase for less money on a site like Amazon than in the store. You have to know what you're looking for on Black Friday. This may not be news to anyone, but there are certain categories that you should abstain from.

Additional-Discount-for-Waiting-Until-Black-Friday-by-Product-Category 2016

Source: WalletHub

Your best bet is to focus on the video games, appliances and furniture. If you have these on your list, buy buy buy! And stay away from jewelry and apparel like the plague.

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