I love Celebrity Apprentice and I'm so excited to see Trace Adkins in the top 2 to fight it our for the title of All Star Celebrity Apprentice this season!

Trace is up against Penn Jillette, so it's going to be a good fight! They both had to invent a new flavored ice cream for Walgreen's. They flavors are in stores now, so I'm going to try to pick them up today and do a taste test tomorrow on the air with Jim and John. Both sound tasty! Trace's is the Maple Macadamia Mash Up and Penn's is Vanilla and Chocolate Magic Swirtle both sound de-lish! Proceeds go to wonderful causes as well!  Trace is playing for the American Red Cross and Penn is playing for Opportunity Village.

They each are responsible for a 60 second commercial and a celebrity ice cream social.

Even though I want Trace to win, I'm picking up both ice creams because it's for a great cause and well...I like ice cream!

Have you tried the ice cream flavors yet?