One of the most important elements of your wedding reception is the food, so you need to find a personalized caterer or chef that can help you design a menu with a unique flair that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Jeff Loving's Chef on the Run, which has been voted best chef/caterer six times by Four States Magazine, is ready to help you deliver a culinary experience that is as memorable as it is mouthwatering.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Chef on the Run:

  • Affordability - You get a lot of food for your money
  • High quality - Different styles of food and flavor profiles
  • Passion - They care about their product and services

Enchant your guests with Cheffrey's recommended picks like:

  • Bacon wrapped scallops with red wine reduction
  • Spinach artichoke stuffed mushrooms
  • Smoked salmon mousse and phyllo cup
  • Teriyaki chicken legs
  • Pork or beef tamales with salsa
  • Jumbo meatballs with marinara and cheese
  • Fried shrimp with sweet and sour sauce
  • Blue crab claws with orange sauce
  • Chicken or cheese quesadillas with salsa

Whether you're looking for a menu that features Italian, Mexican, Asian, or any other type of cuisine, Chef on the Run is ready to help make your wedding delectable and flavorsome. Give them a call today at (903) 276-8081 or visit them online at

Chef on the Run
Chef on the Run
Chef on the Run
Chef on the Run
Chef on the Run