You gotta love kids! Especially when they mispronounce words.

I know I was guilty as a kid. Yes, Pahsketti was my big one. A few years ago, my neighbor, Jack, had his grandson Max visiting and Max could not pronounce the name of his grandparents dog! The dog's name is Cleo. Max always said Queee-O. Well, guess what? Now that is the only way I pronounce that pup's name! And I see that dog almost everyday!

Some of the most common mispronounced words that kids say are:

Lellow - Yellow

Straw Babies -Strawberries

Eff-a-lant -Elephant

Reg-lee-er - Regular

Firstee- Thirsty

Rest ur nots - Restaurants

Hopeecopter- Helicopter

Is there a word your kids have mispronounced that has become the way your family pronounces the word? Hopicopter? Pahsketti?