A few years back, Santino, a chimpanzee   at a zoo in Sweden, made big news. He was gathering rocks in the morning, storing them and then later in the day he would hurl them at unsuspecting people enjoying a lovely day at the zoo.

Funny, right? I thought it was at first, but then all of a sudden I started thinking, isn't this how Planet of the Apes began?

Some researchers were skeptical that Santino really was planning for these sneaky attacks.

Santino is back in the news, because now he is hiding the rocks under piles of hay or behind logs to get a closer and better aim. This is more evidence that he is thinking ahead like humans do.

By hiding the stones and then trying to deceive zoo visitors into thinking that his intentions were peaceful, (researchers) argue, Santino was actually anticipating and planning for a future situation rather than simply responding repetitively to a past one.

Santino is a pretty smart chimp! Check out the video below where he paints! Well, he sniffs the paint and then decides to taste it but then he really does start using a paint brush.


via Stone-Throwing Chimp Is Back -- And This Time It's Personal - ScienceNOW.