The Red River Sheriff's Office reports that the missing teen has been found. Thanks to all who helped in locating her.

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If you're not sure where Clarksville, Texas is, just head up Hwy 82 past DeKalb and keep going for a while. It's between DeKalb and Paris, a small town of about 3500 people, but make no mistake, they have problems just like everywhere else. In this case, the Red River County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help in finding a missing teen.

The following notice was issued today by Red River County Sheriff James C. Caldwell in regards of a missing teen by the name of Audrina Balentine.

Audrina is 13 years old and described as a white female, 5'1", and weighing approximately 115 lbs.

Red River Sheriffs - Audrina Balentine
Red River Sheriffs - Audrina Balentine

Audrina was last seen on March 1, 2022, wearing a black Addidas shirt, black pants, and multi-colored Crocks.

Anyone that may have any information about Audrina's whereabouts you are asked to please contact the Red River Sheriff's Office at 903-427-3838.

For more information about the Red River County Sheriff's Office, visit their Facebook Page.

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