Texarkana Texas Police got a call Saturday morning about a suspicious man carrying a whip and a machete at the McDonald's on New Boston Rd, Officers were dispatched. 

There aren't many jobs in the world where your routine Saturday morning can be interrupted by a guy carrying around a whip and a machete, but police work is never easy and rarely routine.

Texarkana Texas Police got a call before 10 AM Saturday morning with a complaint of a suspicious man wielding a machete and a whip at the McDonald’s at the corner of New Boston and Summerhill Roads. According to the report of the TTPD Facebook Page, the man left on foot headed down New Boston Road, and they found him a couple blocks down the road. That is when things got weird.

Whip and Machete - Canva
Whip and Machete - Canva

The report states that the man with the machete began swinging it at the Officers and refused to drop it. The Officers tried to disarm the man using a JPX Pepper gun and a less-than-lethal bean bag round to no avail. The Officers said;

"nothing seemed to faze him. He just kept walking down the road - all the while swinging the machete at the officers. We followed him on foot to the 2700 block of Texas Blvd before we finally got an opportunity to get close enough to tackle him. After a brief struggle in which one officer was struck in the head with the machete, he was taken into custody".

Arrested was Kevin Neal, 32, who has now been charged with Evading Detention, Resisting Arrest, and Aggravated Assault. After he is medically cleared at the hospital, he will be booked into the Bi-State Jail. One Officer received a head injury during the altercation, thankfully, the Officer's injuries were very minor, and he was treated and released from the hospital.

Kevin Neal - TTPD
Kevin Neal - TTPD

The Facebook post went on to commend the officers for their professional handling of this very dangerous situation. Great job, TTPD.

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